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Dominika - A new life has begun


Hungarian wine tasting, Embassy of Hungary, London | 10/05/2018

It's always an absolute pleasure to work at outstanding Hungarian events abroad and be proud of our home country. Having a "close-up" about wine tasting with special guests such as Oz Clarke, Elizabeth Gabay MW, Caroline Gilby MW or Peter McCombie MW was a fantastic experience.


Our latest reels representing the last 5 years we spent in creative industry.

From beauty shorties through adverts to documentaries.


We have been working together with great companies for their success.

We have been working  together with the Hungarian department of the well-known Cewe Photoworld on their christmas campaign.
Edited and titled the Hungarian versions of the original advert in strong cooperation with the management team. The narrator is our good friend and was a pleasure to work with her. (Video courtesy of CEWE Magyarország Kft.)

This advert has been made to represent the products of Hungarian founded Univer Group.

The company manufactures "products, which count as indispensable condiments for Hungarian cuisine". (Video courtesy of Univer Product Zrt.)

To celebrate their recently finished jobs Gordiusz'95 Zrt. gave us the opportunity to edit a short video. This is one of the largest projects we have been working on so far. (Video courtesy of Gordiusz'95 Zrt.)

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